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Take a look at What's New in our world. (Last update January 19, 2021 )

This site is intended to provide an encyclopaedia of dahlias from all over the world.

It includes aspects of growing and showing,  garden and patio dahlias, classification into shapes and sizes, raising of new dahlias, the history and botany of the dahlia and discussions from all over the world on old and tried as well as new ideas.

It is brought to you by Dave Bates, researcher, author and lecturer on dahlias.

Comments, feedback and contributions would be appreciated.







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What's New

The following is a list of recent additions to our world. Whenever anything changes in our world we'll put a notice here. The most recent changes are listed first, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content.

18 December 2020/1-19 January 2021.
dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) Several nursery 2021 lists updated
5 March 2020
dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) World directory of dahlias updated (A to M)(N to Z))


15 Feb 2020

dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) dahlia names, prefices and suffices updated


8/14 February 2020
dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) More nursery 2020 lists updated

dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) European Availability Quick list updated for 2020  

dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) European Availability lists updated for 2020  


12/20 January 2020
dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) Several nursery 2020 lists updated
15 December 2019
dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) Several nursery 2020 lists updated


1 December 2017
dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) Dahlia Types and lists updated to reflect new international agreement of 2018.
3 February 2016
dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) New North American Availability list added
8 March 2013
dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) New Zealand supplier updated.
6 January 2013
dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) some Australian and New Zealand lists
30 July 2009

dwlogo.gif (8261 bytes) Dahlia Registration Form updated


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