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The following form should be printed and completed as far as possible, and then sent to :

The International Dahlia Registrar, The Royal Horticultural Society's Garden, Wisley, Woking, Surrey, UK, GU23 6QB

Forms can be found online at http://www.rhs.org.uk/plants/registration_dahlia.asp and may be emailed to dahlia@rhs.org.uk.

Names already listed in the latest edition of 7he International Dahlia Register or in subsequent supplements should not be re-used and are not acceptable for registration. Names proposed should also be in accord with the latest edition of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants. Details of these publications may be obtained from the above address. Registration should take place before the name is published or disseminated in any other way.

There is no fee for the registration of a new cultivar name. A certificate of registration is available free of charge and will be supplied on request.

If possible please supply a good colour photograph (print or slide). This, together with the form, will constitute a definitive record or "standard portfolio" for future reference.



Proposed name (1st choice)


Is it a cultivar or cultivar-group name?


Original seedling no


Please complete either part A or B (as appropriate) and then part C

PART A - If Seedling    
(a) Seed parent (?)  
(b) Pollen parent (?)  

(e) Hybridised by:



(d) Grown to first flower by   Year first flowering




PART B - If Sport    
(a) Name of parent  
(b) First secured by   Year




PART C - All Applications    
Named by   Year


Introducer   Year


Please indicate the derivation of the proposed name  
DESCRIPTION: Where possible colour references should be given from the R.H.S., Colour Chart (1966*, 1986*, 1995*, 2001*, 2007* please indicate which was used)
Stem height -m.    
Flower diameter -mm.    
Distinctive leaf characters (if any)  
Colour(s) of outer florets  
Colour(s) of inner florets  
How does it differ from similar cultivars?  
Herbarium specimen sent? Yes/No  
Colour photograph sent? Yes/No  
Name and address of person or firm registering name  
Has the proposed name appeared in a dated publication, with a description? If so please give details of the first such publication  
Please indicate whether the plant is protected by Plant Patent/Plant Breeders' Rights, and where  
Please indicate any trademark or additional trade designation ("commercial synonym") to be used in marketing the plant  


This part of the form for use of the International Registrar

Date received    
Registration of this Dahlia has been accepted as  

has been postponed for reason stated

Signature of International Registrar   Date

Revised December 2008

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