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Varieties starting with 'H'



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[Supplier Codes]

This lists all the varieties known to be available commercially in UK and parts of Europe

At the bottom of the list is the list of suppliers and their codes. You can navigate to the suppliers list from there.







Hadrian's Centurion Sing Dk.R. 2021 hal.
Hadrian's Delight SC L. 2020 hal.
Hadrian's Glowing Embers Sing O.-R.Bls 2020 hal.
Hadrian's Midnight Sing R. 2017 ayl, hal.
Hadrian's Sunlight Sing Y. 2014 ayl, hal.
Hadrian's Sunset Sing O. 2016 hal.
Hale Bopp MFim Y. 1997 bau, mou, pan, wei.
Hallmark Pom Pk.-L.Bls 1960 hal, loc.
Hallwood Envoy LD R. 1995 mou, pet.
Hallwood Pink Satin MD Pk. 2001 mou.
Halo (Lil) Misc Pk. 2010 turc.
Hamari Accord LSC Y. 1986 ayl.
Hamari Gold GD Br. 1984 gee, hal, mou, phe, rsid.
Hamari Rosé MinBa Pk. 1993 hal, pet.
Hamilton Lillian SD Br.-Pk.Bls. 1986 mou.
Hana Hitosuji GC Pk.-Y.Bls 1998 mou.
Hanna Kranenburg SSC O.Bls. 1997 wir.
Hans Auinger stellar O.-W.Bic 2014 pet.
Hapet 2001/01 GD Pk. 2004 mou.
Hapet 2001/06 9 Pk. 2004 mou.
Hapet 2001/14 SBA W.-Pu.Bls mou.
Hapet 2003/01 GD Y.Pk.Bls 2004 mou.
Hapet 2003/02 MD Pk. 2004 mou.
Hapet 2004/06 Lfim Pu.-Pk.Bls mou.
Hapet 2004/11 MFim Y. 2007 mou.
Hapet 2004/15 MFim Pk.-R.Bls 2007 mou.
Hapet 2004/16 MFim Pk.-Y.Bls 2007 mou.
Hapet 2004/17 MFim Pk.-Y.Bls 2007 mou.
Hapet 2005/146 MD W.-L.Bic 2007 mou.
HAPET 2010/194 LD Pk.-Y.Bls 2012 mou.
HAPET 2010/225 MD W. 2012 mou.
HAPET 2010/84 MinD Y.-Pk.Bls 2012 mou.
Hapet 2011/052 Pom R.Bls 2013 pet.
Hapet 2011/194 SBA R. mou.
HAPET 2014/213 BA Y. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2014/280 2018 pet.
HAPET 2015/019 2018 pet.
HAPET 2019/003 MD Pk.-W. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/005 SD Pk.-W. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/006 Pom R. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/010 MFim O.-Y.Bls 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/011 Gdek Y. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/014 LSC Y.-O.Bls 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/016 SD O.-Y.Bls 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/021 WL Y. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/040 SD W.-L.Bls 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/041 LD Y. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/043 Stellar Dk.R. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/048 MD W. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/054 SC R. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/058 SBA Pk. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/059 Stellar O.-W.Bic 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/060 Stellar R.-W.Bic 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/065 WL Pu.Bls 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/081 WL Y. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/083 WL W.-Pk.Bls 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/106 SBA Pk. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/120 SBA L. 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/121 SBA Pk.-O.Bls 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/125 MD Pu.Bls 2019 pet.
HAPET 2019/147 MinD Pk. 2019 pet.
Hapet Admiral MD Pk.-W.Bls 2010 mou.
Hapet Adonis ST R. 2019 pet.
Hapet Akita GD R.-Y.Bls 2016 pet.
Hapet Allerlei MFim Y.-R.Var 2009 pet.
Hapet Amethyst SD Pk. 2018 pet.
Hapet Amora 5 R. 2019 pet.
Hapet Antique Lace MFim Pk.-Y.Bls 2016 pet.
Hapet Aphrodite fim Pk.-Y.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Aprikosa GSC O. 2012 pet.
Hapet Aprikot Beauty 5 O. 2015 pet.
Hapet Aquarell MinD Y.-R.Bls 2016 pet.
Hapet Aurora GSC O.-Y.Bls 2015 pet.
Hapet Austria Flag MD R.-W.Bls 2016 pet.
Hapet Austria Lace MFim R.-W.Bic 2016 pan, pet.
Hapet Baby Red Lpom R. 2018 pet.
Hapet Baby Yellow Pom Y. 2018 pet.
Hapet Ballerina WL Pk.-R.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Barock MinD Pk.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Beauty Noir GC R. 2018 pet.
Hapet Belladonna MD O.-Y.Bls 2010 pet.
Hapet Big Pink LSC Pk.-Pu.Bls 2021 pet.
Hapet Black Alabaster GC R.-W. 2021 pet.
Hapet Black Charm 5 R. 2019 pet.
Hapet Black Madonna MinD Dk.R. 2018 pet.
Hapet Black Spider 8 R. 2019 pet.
Hapet Blackberry BALL Pk.-R. 2019 pet.
Hapet Blacky Pom Dk.R. 2018 pet.
Hapet Bloodred Sba R. 2015 pet.
Hapet Blue Eyes LD W.-L.Bic 2010 bau, gee, mou, pan, par, pet, phe, turc, wei.
Hapet Blue Megan MinBa L.Bls 2012 pet.
Hapet Blue Moon MSC L. 2018 pet.
Hapet Blue Sea wl L. 2019 hal, jrg, pet, turc.
Hapet Blue Shadows GD W.-L. 2016 pet.
Hapet Blueberry Select MD Dk.R. 2018 pet.
Hapet Blueberry Splash MD Pk.Var 2016 pet.
HAPET Bluelight SD L.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Bombastic LD Y. 2015 pet.
Hapet Bonfire GD O.-Y.Bls 2012 pet.
Hapet Bordeaux LSC Dk.R. 2010 pan, pet.
Hapet Boris B. MinBa Y. 2021 pet.
Hapet Bronce MinD Y.Bls 2020 pet.
Hapet Burgundy MSC Dk.R.-Y.Bls 2018 pan, pet.
Hapet Candy Select MD Pk. 2011 gee.
Hapet Candystripe MD Pk.-W.Bls Pk.Var 2010 mou, pet.
Hapet Carmine Lace Mfim R. 2018 pet.
Hapet Carneval BA R.-W. 2019 pet.
Hapet Champagne MFim Pk.-Y.Bls 2014 hal, pan, pet.
Hapet Charmant WL Pk.-L.Bls 2009 jrg, pet.
Hapet Checkers MinD R.-W.Bic 2014 pet.
Hapet Cherry MinD R. 2012 pet.
Hapet Chrystal fim W.-Pk. 2019 pet.
Hapet Climax LD L.Bls 2021 pet.
Hapet Colossos GD Y. 2012 pet.
Hapet Compo Pom Y.-L.Bls 2012 pan, pet.
Hapet Concorde SC R. 2015 pet.
Hapet Coppery MinBa Pk.Bls 2012 pan, pet.
HAPET Covergirl MD Y.-R.Bic 2012 pet.
Hapet Cupido MD O.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Cuttergirl MinD O.-Y.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Daydream MinBa Pk.-Y.Bls 2014 pan, pet, ros, wei.
Hapet Delicate LSC Y.-O.Bls 2021 pet.
Hapet Diadem Stellar R.-W.Bic 2018 pet.
Hapet Diamond Pom W. 2018 pet.
Hapet Dolce Vita GD R. 2010 pet.
Hapet Duett MD Y.-R.Bic 2012 pet.
Hapet Duo MD Y.-Pk.Bls 2010 phe.
Hapet Duplo MinBa Y.-R.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Dynastie MSC Y. 2012 pet.
Hapet Effekt WL Y.-R.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Electra GC R.-O.Var 2016 pet.
Hapet Elegance MD L.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Elegance Sport LD Pk.-R.Bls 2021 pet.
Hapet Elite WL Pk.-Y.Bls 2010 gee, pan, pet.
Hapet Emotion SC W.-Pu.Bic 2018 pet.
Hapet Exotica WL Pk.-Y.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Exotica Sport 5 W.-R. 2020 pet.
Hapet Fancy WL W. Pk.Bls 2012 pet.
Hapet Fandango GSC R. 2018 pet.
Hapet Fantastic GSC Y.-Pk.Bls 2007 mou, pan, pet.
Hapet Favourite MD Y. 2015 pet.
Hapet Ferrari GD R.Bls 2019 pet.
Hapet Feuerball MinBa Y.-R.Bls 2007 mou, pan, pet.
Hapet Firelight MSC O.-Y.Bls 2013 pet.
Hapet First David MD R.-W.Bls 2011 pan, pet.
Hapet Flame SC Y.-R.Bic 2014 pet.
Hapet Flamingo LSC Dk.Pk.-W.Bls 2010 pet.
Hapet Flash MD L.-W.Var 2010 pet.
Hapet Flash Select MD L. 2012 pet.
Hapet Focus MSC Y.-R.Bls 2010 mou, pet.
Hapet Franz ST R. 2020 pet.
Hapet Frills 2015 pet.
Hapet Fuego MFim Y.-R.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Galaktika GC R.-Y.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Galaxie MSC Y.Bls 2013 pet.
Hapet Geysir MD W.-Y.Bls 2010 pet.
Hapet Glamour MinD Pk.-W.Bls 2009 pet.
Hapet Gloria 5 Y.-W. 2019 pet.
Hapet Gloriosa MD Y.-R.Bls 2012 pet.
Hapet Gold GSC Y. 2007 mou, pet.
Hapet Goldball Sba Y. 2018 pet.
Hapet Golden Nick GD Y.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Goldrush Sba O.Bls 2015 pet, wir.
Hapet Goliath GSC Pk.Bls 2005 pet.
Hapet Graffiti MD Y.-Pk.Var 2010 pet.
Hapet Granat Pom Dk.R. 2009 mou, pet.
Hapet Greeneye MinD Pk.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Harlekin SD R.-Y. 2018 pet.
Hapet Harmony SD O.-W.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Herz Ass GD R. 2010 pet.
Hapet Highlight GD Y. 2010 pet.
Hapet Honeymoon WL Y.-O.Bls 2021 pet.
Hapet Hot Spot MD O.-W.Bic 2016 pet.
Hapet Icarus GSC O.-Y.Bls 2016 pet.
Hapet Ice LD W. 2016 pet.
Hapet Ideal MinSC W.-Pk.Bic 2009 gee, mou, pet.
Hapet Imperial 2015 pet.
Hapet Inca 5 R.-Y. 2019 pet.
Hapet Italian Copper MD Pk.Bls 2021 pet.
Hapet Jackpot 5 R.-Y. 2019 pet.
Hapet Jewel Sba R. 2010 pet.
HAPET Joker MinD R.-W.Bic 2012 pet.
Hapet Kennedy MSC Dk.R. 2007 pan, pet.
Hapet Lagoon WL L. 2010 mou, pet.
Hapet Lavender MD W.-L.Bls 2021 pet.
Hapet Limocelli WL Y. 2018 pet.
Hapet Linzer WL Pk. 2018 mou.
Hapet Little Clown Pom R.-W. 2019 pet.
Hapet Lorelei WL Y.-Pk.Bls 2021 pet.
Hapet Lotus WL W.-Pk. 2019 pet.
Hapet Luzia ST Br.-O. 2020 pet.
Hapet Magenta MD W.-Pk. 2018 pet.
Hapet Magic GSC Y.-L.Bls 2007 pet.
Hapet Mandarin MinBa O. 2012 pet.
Hapet Maria GSC R.-Y. 2018 pet.
Hapet Maroon ST R. 2019 pet.
Hapet Mascot GD O.-Y.Bls 2010 mou, pet.
Hapet Medusa 8 R.-Y. 2019 pet.
Hapet Mercedes GD R. 2014 pet.
Hapet Mona Lisa GD O.-Y.Bls 2010 pet.
HAPET Moonshine SD Y. 2014 pet.
Hapet Mosaik MD Br.-R.Var 2015 pet.
Hapet Mystic MinBa Dk.R.-W.Bls 2007 pet.
Hapet Neon Gleam MinD Pk.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Neon Point MinBa Pk.Bls 2015 pet.
Hapet Neon Sea WL Pk.-W.Bls 2010 pet.
Hapet Neonami SD W.-Pk. 2015 pet.
Hapet Nice GSC Y.-Pu.Bic 2007 mou.
Hapet Nightdream MD L. 2012 pet.
Hapet Noblesse BA Y. 2019 pet.
Hapet Oracle 9 Pk.Bls 2019 pet.
Hapet Orange Cyrill MFim O. 2011 pan, pet.
Hapet Orange Dimension SD O.-Y.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Orange Ice MD O.-W.Bic 2013 pet.
Hapet Orange Lace 2021 Mfim O.-Y. 2015 pet.
Hapet Orange Pearl SD O.-Y.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Orangerie WL O. 2010 pet.
Hapet Paeonia LPF L. 2007 mou.
Hapet Passion 5 Pk.-W. 2019 pet.
Hapet Pastell Sba Y.-R.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Pearl MinD Y.-Pk.Bls 2009 mou, pet.
Hapet Perfekt MFim Y.-Pk.Bls 2007 bau, mou, pan, pet, phe, wei.
Hapet Perlmutt MinBa W.-L. 2018 pet.
Hapet Petticoat 9 Y.-Pk. 2019 pet.
Hapet Phantom SD L.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Phönix fim R. 2019 pet.
Hapet Piccadilly Dou.Orch W.-Pk. 2016 pan, pet.
Hapet Piccolo Pom Y.-R.Bls 2013 pet.
Hapet Picotee BA R.-W. 2019 pet.
Hapet Pink Ball MinBa Pk. 2018 pet.
Hapet Pink Beauty GD Pk. 2014 pan, pet.
Hapet Pink Honey MD Pk.Bls 2015 pet.
Hapet Pink Jack MD L.-W. 2015 pet.
Hapet Pink Lace fim Pk. 2019 pet.
Hapet Pink Lady WL Pk.Bls 2015 pet.
Hapet Pinky MSC Pk. 2018 pet.
Hapet Poesie Stellar O.-R.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Poetic 8 Pk.-W.Bls 2019 pet.
Hapet Pom Pom W.-Pk.Bls 2007 gee, mou, pet.
Hapet Poseidon SC W.-Pk.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Princess MD W. 2011 pet.
Hapet Pumpkin ST O. 2020 pet.
Hapet Rainbow MD Y.-R.Bls 2010 pet.
Hapet Raspberry 2021 R. 2015 pan, pet.
HAPET Red Cutter MinD R. 2012 pet.
Hapet Red Devil 2021 R.-Y. 2019 pet.
Hapet Red Jack 2021 R. 2015 pan, pet.
Hapet Red King LSC R.-Y.Bls 2010 mou, pet.
Hapet Red Lady WL R. 2012 pet.
Hapet Red Marble Pom R. 2015 pet.
Hapet Red Point Pom R. 2014 pet.
Hapet Red Prince GSC R.-Y.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Red Sea WL R. 2010 pet.
Hapet Rosaly MinD Pk. 2014 pet.
Hapet Rosaria MD Pk.Bls 2015 pet.
Hapet Rosella ST Pk.-W.Bls 2019 pet.
Hapet Rotball MinBa R. 2007 pet.
Hapet Royal GSC Y.-Pk. 2018 pet.
Hapet Royal Orange LD O.Bls 2015 pet.
Hapet Rubina MD R.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Salmon SBA Br. 2018 pet.
Hapet Salmon Sea WL Br.-O.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Satin MSC Pk.Bls 2012 pet.
Hapet Scarabella MD Y.-R.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Schwarzer Peter MinD Dk.R. 2014 pet.
Hapet Sensation MC Pu. 2018 pet.
Hapet Showfire GSC Y.-R.Bls 2015 pet.
Hapet Showtime gsc Pk. 2020 pet.
Hapet Signal Pink MD Pk. 2018 pet.
Hapet Silhouette MSC W.-L. 2018 pet.
Hapet Silverred MinD R. 2014 pet.
Hapet Skyline MSC W.-L.Bls 2012 pan, pet, phe.
Hapet Spartaboy SD Dk.R. 2014 pet.
Hapet Spartan LD O.-Y.Bls 2007 gee, pet.
Hapet Spirit Mfim Y.-R.Bic 2015 pet.
Hapet Splash MD Pk.-R.Var 2018 pet.
Hapet Spotlight MD Y.-W. 2018 pet.
Hapet Stargold LSC O.Bls 2021 pet.
Hapet Starlight LSC Y. 2012 pet.
Hapet Stellar Stellar O.Bls 2009 pan, pet.
Hapet Sterling Stellar W. 2014 pet.
Hapet Struwwelpeter MSC O. 2018 mou.
Hapet Sugar Stripes WL Pk.-R.Var 2018 pet.
Hapet Sugarcane Stellar Pk.-W.Bic 2021 pet.
Hapet Sugarlips MC Pk.-W.Bls 2018 pan, pet.
Hapet Sun GD Y. 2018 pet.
Hapet Sunlight SD Y. 2014 pet.
Hapet Sunny BA Y. 2019 pet.
Hapet Sunset LSC R.-Y.Bls 2012 pet.
Hapet Superior GSC Y.-W.Bls 2014 pet.
Hapet Surprise gsc Y.-W. 2019 pet.
Hapet Sweetheart MFim W.-Pk.Bic 2016 pan, pet.
Hapet Tabasco GC R.Bls 2018 pet.
Hapet Tango Select MinD W.-Pk.Bls 2011 mou, pet.
Hapet Terracotta MSC Br. 2018 pet.
Hapet Titan 9 O. 2019 pet.
Hapet Tricolore MD Y.-R.-W. 2018 pet.
Hapet Triumph MD O.Bls 2015 pet.
Hapet Unique MinD Y.-R. 2018 pet.
Hapet Utopia 5 L. 2019 pet.
Hapet Venus 9 Pk.-R. 2019 pet.
Hapet Vesuvius fim O.-Y.Bls 2019 pet.
Hapet Vinette Lpom Y.-R.Bls 2010 pan, pet, phe.
Hapet Vino Pom Pu.-Y.Bls 2007 mou, pet.
Hapet Vulcano 9 O.-R. 2019 pet.
Hapet White Bouquett SBA W.-Pk.Bls 2015 pet.
Hapet Wilhelm MinBa Y.-R.Bls 2007 mou.
Hapet Yellow Florist MinD Y. 2014 pet.
Hapet Yellow Lace MFim Y. 2021 pet.
Hapet Yellow Point Pom Y. 2014 pan, pet.
Hapet Zelda BALL Pk.-L. 2019 pet.
Happy Butterfly WL 2011 berg, far, wei.
Happy Days Cherry Red sing R. 2012 wei.
Happy Days Cream White Sing Y. 2012 jag, par, wei.
Happy Days Lemon sing Y. 2014 par, ros, wei.
Happy Days Pink sing Pk. 2014 par, wei.
Happy Days Scarlet sing R. 2012 par.
Happy Fiesta MSC O.-Y.Bls 1992 mou.
Happy Go Lucky MD Y.-Pu.Bls 2012 jag, wei.
Happy Halloween MinD 2011 berg, ros, wei.
Happy Hanny SWL Pk. 1985 gee.
Happy Hour Sing Pu. 2008 wei.
Happy Tune 2018 gee.
Harlequin Mixed (Dw.B.) seed mixed 2007 dob, fot, sut.
Harriet G WL Y. 2007 jrg, loc.
Hartenhas (Lil.) Col Pk. & pk. 1995 par, wei.
Harvey Koop LD Dk.R.-Y.Var 2010 pet.
Harzfee MD Pk. 1987 pan.
Hawaii dalina misc R. 2002 ang.
Hawaii NL MinD Y.-R.Bls-W.Bic 2012 wei.
Hayley Jane SSC W.-Pu.Bic. 1978 angb, hil, jrg, king, par, wei.
Heat Wave (Dw.B.) MinSC R. 1994 wei.
Heat Wave (verwer) MinD R. 1995 pan.
Heidi (Dw.B.) SSC Pu. 1958 gee.
Helen Machon 8 Pk. 1999 mou.
Helena (wl) SWL Pk.-Y.Bls 1998 wir.
Hemera Sing Pk. 2015 turc.
Henning MSC R.-W.Bic 1994 mou.
Henriette SSC O. 1943 phe, wir.
Henriëtte G WL Y. 2019 gee.
Hepken Dw.B. MinD R.-Y.Bls 2015 turc.
Herbstfee MinWL Y.-O.Bls 1988 pan.
Herbstgold MSC O. 1979 pan.
Herbstlicht SD O.-Y.Bls 2018 pan.
Herold Sing O.-R.Bls 2013 pan.
Hi Mangetsu GD R. pet.
Highflyer MinD W.-L.Bls 2001 mou, wir.
Higo's Helicopter MC Y. 2011 pet.
Hillcrest Candy MSC Pk. 2009 gee, hal, loc, pet, phe.
Hillcrest Chelsey SD O. 2001 loc.
Hillcrest Delight MD O. 1996 hal.
Hillcrest Desire SC Pk.-Br.Bls. 1991 loc.
Hillcrest Divine MinD Pk. 1999 loc, mou.
Hillcrest Duncan Edwards LSC R. 2012 loc, pet, phe.
Hillcrest Firecrest SD Y.-O.-R.Bic 2016 ayl, gee, hal.
Hillcrest Jake MSC R. 2010 loc.
Hillcrest Jersie SC Y. 2015 hal, loc, phe.
Hillcrest Jonathon SD Pu.-W.Bic 2010 hal.
Hillcrest Kismet MD Pk. 1999 hal.
Hillcrest Liam LD O. 2002 loc, pet.
Hillcrest Matt SBa Y.-O.Bls 2006 phe.
Hillcrest Millennium MSC R. 2005 loc.
Hillcrest Regal Col Pu. & r.w.bls 1996 jrg.
Hillcrest Royal MC Pu. 1991 ayl, hal, phe, wir.
Hillcrest Suffusion SD O.Bls. 1991 gee, pan, phe, turc.
Hittfelder Traum SC O.-Y.Bls 2007 pan.
Hoamatland MD Dk.-R.Bic 2008 pan, pet.
Holland Festival GD O.-W.Bic. 1960 ang, bau, blo, mou, pan, par, wei.
Holly Huston LSC R. 1991 bau, phe, wei.
Hollyhill Black Beauty SD Dk.R. 2012 pet.
Hollyhill Black Widow WL DK.R. 2007 gee.
Hollyhill Calico MinBa 2012 wei.
Hollyhill Dark Victory MC R. 2001 mou.
Hollyhill Finlandia LSC Pk.-Y.Bls 2018 pet.
Hollyhill Lemon Ice Stellar Y.-W.Bic 2012 bau, par, wei.
Hollyhill Miss White MinBa W. 2016 gee.
Hollyhill Orange Ice SD O.-W.Bic 2010 mou, rsid.
Hollyhill Pink Martini WL Dk.Pk.-W. 2015 gee.
Hollyhill Six in One Yellow MFim Y.-R.Var 2009 gee, mou, pet, wir.
Hollyhill Spiderwoman NX Misc Pu.-W.Bls 2004 bau, ros, rsid, wei.
Honey (Dw.B.) Anem Br.-Pk.Bls.&y 1956 jag, wei.
Honka Star Y. 1990 ang, angb, ayl, berg, blo, gee, hal, jag, jrg, mou, pan, par, phe, rsid, turc, wei.
HONKA DARK STAR Dk.R. 2017 wei.
Honka Fragile Star W.-Pk. 2012 angb, bau, berg, gee, jag, jrg, phe, ros, rsid, turc, wei.
Honka Izarra Star Y.-Pk.Bls turc.
Honka Orange Star O. 2013 jrg.
Honka Pink Star Pk. 2012 angb, blo, jag, par, wei.
Honka Red Star R. 2008 angb, jag, pan, par, phe, rsid, wei.
Honka Rose Star Pk. 2012 berg, jrg, ros.
Honka Surprise Star Pk. 2008 rsid, turc.
Honka White Star W. 2008 pan, par.
Hootenanny Col Dk.R. & dk.r. 2005 gee, pan, phe, wit.
Horst Athalie SC Y.-L. Bls. 1998 ang.
Hot Cakes Anem O.-R. 2013 mou.
Hot Chocolate MinD Pu.Bls 2002 hil, turc.
Hot Lips (Dw.B.) Pom R. 1986 wir.
Houyuku LD O. wir.
HS Date sing O.-R.Bls 2006 gee, ros, turc, wei.
HS First Love Sing Y.-R.Bls 2006 berg, ros, wei.
HS Flame sing R.-Y.Bls 2006 berg, bro, fot, gee, ros, wei.
HS Juliet sing L. 2006 mou, ros, wei.
HS Kiss sing O.-R.Bls 2006 bro, fot, gee, phe, rsid, wei.
HS Party sing Y. 2006 berg, bro, fot, gee, jag, mou, phe, ros, turc, wei.
HS Princess sing W. 2009 berg, jag, ros, wei.
HS Romeo sing R. 2006 phe, wei.
HS Wink sing Pk.-Pu.Bls 2006 berg, blo, gee, phe, rhs, ros, wei.
Hugs 'n' Kisses SD L.-Pu.Bls 2004 mou.
Hulin's Carnival MinD W.-R.Var. mou.
Hy Abalone LC W. 2002 mou.
Hy Argent Star W. 2004 mou.
Hy Blackfire SD R. 2006 mou.
Hy Clown SD Y.-Pk.Bls 1999 mou.
Hy Cutter MSC W. 2001 mou.
Hy Darcy SD Y.Bls-Pk.Var 2003 mou.
Hy Debut GSC W. 2005 mou, pet.
Hy Impact Sba Pk.-Pu.Bls pan, pet.
Hy Lustre SBa O.-Br. Bls 2000 ang.
Hy Maize SBa Y.Bls 2000 mou.
Hy Mallow SBa Pu. 2000 mou.
Hy Miriam LC R.-Y.Bls. 2004 mou.
Hy Nightfire SD Dk.R. 2007 mou.
Hy Patti MD O. 2006 mou.
Hy Pimento MSC Y.-R.Var 2000 mou, rsid, wei.
Hy Plum SD Pu. 2002 mou.
Hy Scent Star R.-Y. 2003 mou.
Hy Sockeye SD R. 2001 mou.
Hy Suntan MinBa Br. 2000 mou.
Hy Trio MSC W.-L.-Pu.Var 2004 far, wei.
Hy Winefrost Col Pu.&w. 2007 mou.
Hy Zizzle Anem Pu. & r. 2004 mou.


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Supplier Codes


ang Anglo Dutch Supplies 22 Summerville Rd, Milnthorpe, Cumbria  LA7 7DF 015395 62691/63249
angb Anglia Bulb Company c/o Tracey Coyne, 62a Straight Road, Boxted, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5QY 01206 272728
ayl Aylett Nurseries Ltd North Orbital Road, London Colney, St Albans, Herts , 01727 822255
bau Graines BAUMAUX B.P. 100 F-54062 NANCY CEDEX, France , (33) (0) 3 83 15 86 86
berg Jan van den Bergh P.O.Box 255, NL-1160 AG Zwanenburg, The Netherlands , +31 204973127
blo Bloms Bulbs Ltd Primrose Nursery, Sharnbrook, Bedford, MK44 1LW 01234 782424
bro D.T.Brown & Co Ltd Bury Road, Newmarket, Cambs, CB8 7PR 0845 601 4656
chi Chiltern Seeds Bortree Stile, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7PB 01229 581137
dob Samuel Dobie & Son Ltd Broomhill Way, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 7QW 01803 616888
far Farmer Gracy Farmer Gracy Flower Bulbs, Bulb Trade Park 3, 2211 SW Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands +31 6 1565 0514
fot Mr Fothergills Seeds Gazeley Road, Kentford, Suffolk, CB8 7QB 0845 166 2511
gee Geerlings Dahlias Kadijk 38, 2104 AA Heemstede, The Netherlands 0031 (0)23 528 4075
hal Halls of Heddon West Heddon Nurseries, Heddon on the Wall, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE16 0JS 01661 852445
hil Hilltop Garden Brian Emerson, Woodville, Stour Provost, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 5LY 01747 838512
jag P. de Jager & Sons Ltd Staplehurst Road, Marden, Kent, TN12 9BP 01622 831235
jrg JRG Dahlias Mrs J Gott, 22 Summerville Road, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7DF 015395 62691
king Kings Seeds Monks Farm, Coggeshall Road, Kelvedon, Essex, CO5 9PG 01376 570000
loc Lochend Dahlias 24 Tantallon Road, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML5 2LN 01236 430234/432429
mou Villy Mougard Blomstergaarden, Bjerringholvej 14, DK-8830 Tjele, Denmark 86 65 12 88
pan Paul Panzer Neben dem Kurhaus, werner-Sylton-Strasse 12, 07586 Bad Kostritz, Germany 036605/2659
par J Parker Dutch Bulbs 14 Hadfield Street, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 9FG 061 848 1124/5
pet Peter Haslhofer Peter´s Dahlien, A-4563 Micheldorf,, Thurnham 28, Austria +43 (0) 680 / 200 8331
phe Pheasant Acre Plants 3 Pheasant Walk, Pen-y-fai, Bridgend, CF31 4DU 01656 664 086
rhs Royal Horticultural Society online sales only at www.rhsplants.co.uk/plants
ros Rose Cottage Plants Anne & Jack Barnard, Bay Tree Farm, Epping Green, Essex, CM16 6PU 0845 452 0645
rsid Riverside Bulbs The Flints, 1&2 Brent Eleigh Road, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, IP77JG 01449.741551
sut Suttons Seeds Woodview Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 7NG 01803 696366
tam Thompson & Morgan Poplar Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3BU 01473 688821
turc Ernest Turc BP 70315, F-49003 ANGERS CEDEX 01, France (33) (0) 2 41 66 01 01
wei C S Weijers & Zonen B.V. Leidsestraat 100, NL - 2182 DR Hillegom, The Netherlands +31 (0) 252 516 541 / 515 363
wir Dahlien-Kultur DI. Gerhard Wirth 1180 Wien, Leschetitzkygasse 11, Austria +43 / 1 / 479 53 83
wit Withypitts Dahlias Grove Lodge Paddockhurst Road, Turners Hill, West Sussex, RH10 4SF 01342 714 106
woo Woolmans Plants Gazeley Road,, Kentford, Suffolk, CB8 7QB 0333 003 1671


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