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Varieties starting with 'F'



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[Supplier Codes]

This lists all the varieties known to be available commercially in UK and parts of Europe

At the bottom of the list is the list of suppliers and their codes. You can navigate to the suppliers list from there.







Faberge decasplit MD Pu.-W.Bic 2004 wir.
Fabuleux GD Dk.R. 2004 wir.
Fairway Pilot GD Pk.Bls. 1979 gee, hal.
Fairway Spur GD Br.-Pk.Bls. 1996 bau, hal, mou, phe, ros, wei.
Fairyland MD R. mou.
Falcon's Future MSC R.-Y.Bls 1995 mou.
Falkirk Donny B MinC Y. 2007 loc.
Falkirk Gold MinC Y. 2007 loc.
Fancy Pants NO Misc L.-Y.Bls 2012 berg, far, king, phe, ros, rsid, turc, wei.
Fantasia SD Y.-R.Bic turc, wir.
Fantasie du Cap MFim Pu.-W.Bls 2003 wei.
Faraon MSC Pu. wir.
Fascination Paeony Pu. 1964 ayl, berg, hil, jag, mou, pan, par, ros, rsid, wei, wir.
Fashion Monger Col Pk.-Y.Bls & w. 1955 ang, berg, far, hal, jag, jrg, phe, ros, rsid, wei, wir.
Fashionissimo Paeony L.-Pu.Bls turc.
Fata Morgana Anem O. & o. 2002 gee, jrg, mou.
Favori WL Pk.Bls 2015 turc.
Felida Solar Flare SSC R.-Y.Bls 2015 wei.
FELINE YVONNE SD Pk. 2020 rhs, ros, wei.
Fenstergucker MinBa O. 2001 wir.
Fern Ridge Painted Lady SD W.-Pu.Var 1993 wei.
Ferncliff Bliss SD Y.-L.Bls 2014 pan.
Ferncliff Cameo SSC Pk 2008 mou.
Ferncliff Copper SD Br. 1990 mou.
Ferncliff Duo MinD L.-W.Bls 2010 king, wei.
Ferncliff Heatwave SSC O.Bls 2004 mou.
Ferncliff Illusion LD W.-L.Bls 1994 angb, bau, berg, dob, pet, ros, sut, tam, wei.
Ferncliff Inspiration LD L. mou, wei.
Ferncliff Lemon Aura SC Y 2007 mou.
Ferncliff Prelude MC Lt.Bls 2006 mou.
Ferncliff Rebel MinD R. 1992 mou.
Ferncliff Snowdrop MinD W. 2008 mou.
Ferncliff Sunburst MinC Y. 1997 mou.
Ferncliff Tango MinD W.-Pu.Bls 2008 mou.
Festicolor MD O.-R.Var turc.
Festival MD L.-W.Bls 1951 turc.
Feu Follet MD Fl. 2009 turc.
Feuergeist 8 R. 2013 pan.
Feuerrad Sing red mou, pan.
Feuerschein Pom R. 2004 wir.
Fiaker MD Pu. 1980 mou, wir.
Fidalgo Butterball MinBa Y. 1988 wir.
Fidalgo Supreme LD Y. 1995 ayl.
Figaro (Dw.B.) seed mixed bro, fot, turc.
Figaro (swl) SWL Y.-R.Var 2010 turc.
Figaro mixed Dw.B. Misc mixed 2011 dob, sut.
Finchcocks SWL O.Bls. ayl.
Fiona Stewart SBa W.-Pk.Bls. 1982 loc.
Fire and Ice Paeony W.-R. 2005 jag, wei.
Fire Magic MSC Fl. 1991 mou.
Fire Mountain MinD R. 1999 ayl, gee, hal, jrg, pan, phe.
Fire Pot MD O.-Y.Bls 2008 fot, ros, rsid.
Firebird SC Y.-R.Bic. blo, wei.
Fired Up MSC R.-Y.Bls 2014 bau, wei.
Fire-N-Ice MinD R.-W.Bic 2019 hil.
Fireworks Mixed (Dw.B.) seed mixed var. 2007 bro, dob, fot.
First Kiss SSC W.-Dk.Pk.Bls 1996 mou.
First Lady MD Y. 1956 mou, pan.
First Lady-b MinBa O. 1990 pet.
Flame DW.B. Sing R. 2009 jrg.
Flash MSC Fl.-R.Bls turc.
Flashback SD W.-L.Bls 2016 blo, par, rsid, wei.
Fleurel SD W. 2001 bau, berg, blo, dob, par, ros, sut, wei.
Flirt SD W.-Pk.Bls 2014 mou.
Floorinoor Anem Pk. & o. 2002 dob, mou, phe, rsid, sut.
Florentina WL Pu.-W.Bic 2015 wei.
Floyd's 8 2011 wei.
Fluffles 5 Pk. 2020 wei.
Fontmell Kaz Col L.&w. 2007 jrg.
Formby Art SD W.-Pk.Bls 2010 ayl, pet, phe.
Formby Perfection MD L. 1975 loc.
Foxy Lady MinD Pk.-Y.Bls 1994 rsid.
FRANCA GC Pu. wir.
Franz Kafka Lpom Pu. 1974 berg, far, gee, hal, hil, jag, pan, par, pet, phe, ros, wei, wir.
Frau Gertraud Aepfler SD O.-Y.Bls 2005 pan.
Frau Louise Mayer (Dw.B.) SSC Y. 1963 mou, pan.
Frederique 2014 gee.
Free Herald SSC R. 1991 mou.
Freemont's Memory MD Pu. 2013 mou.
French CanCan 5 Br.Bls bau, rhs, ros, wei.
Freund Peter SSC Pk.-Y.Bls pan.
Frigoulet SC R/W Bic 1975 hil, jag, mou, pan.
Fringed Star MFim Pk.-Y.Bls 1997 wei.
Fripon SSC Pk. 2003 turc.
Friquolet MC R.-W.Bic. 1987 par, turc, wei.
Frost Nip LD R.-W.Bic 2004 bau, wei.
Frozen LD Y. 2016 pet.
Fruti 8 W.=Pk.Bls 2015 turc.
Funambule Anem Pk.-Y. 2010 turc.
Funny Face SD Br. 2001 turc.
Funny Pimpernel 2017 gee.
Fur Elise 5 2018 blo, wei.
Furst Puckler SD Y.-Br.Bls 1995 pan, wir.
Fuzzy Wuzzy decasplit misc Pk.-W.Bls 2002 far, king, mou, wei.


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Supplier Codes


ang Anglo Dutch Supplies 22 Summerville Rd, Milnthorpe, Cumbria  LA7 7DF 015395 62691/63249
angb Anglia Bulb Company c/o Tracey Coyne, 62a Straight Road, Boxted, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5QY 01206 272728
ayl Aylett Nurseries Ltd North Orbital Road, London Colney, St Albans, Herts , 01727 822255
bau Graines BAUMAUX B.P. 100 F-54062 NANCY CEDEX, France , (33) (0) 3 83 15 86 86
berg Jan van den Bergh P.O.Box 255, NL-1160 AG Zwanenburg, The Netherlands , +31 204973127
blo Bloms Bulbs Ltd Primrose Nursery, Sharnbrook, Bedford, MK44 1LW 01234 782424
bro D.T.Brown & Co Ltd Bury Road, Newmarket, Cambs, CB8 7PR 0845 601 4656
chi Chiltern Seeds Bortree Stile, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 7PB 01229 581137
dob Samuel Dobie & Son Ltd Broomhill Way, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 7QW 01803 616888
far Farmer Gracy Farmer Gracy Flower Bulbs, Bulb Trade Park 3, 2211 SW Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands +31 6 1565 0514
fot Mr Fothergills Seeds Gazeley Road, Kentford, Suffolk, CB8 7QB 0845 166 2511
gee Geerlings Dahlias Kadijk 38, 2104 AA Heemstede, The Netherlands 0031 (0)23 528 4075
hal Halls of Heddon West Heddon Nurseries, Heddon on the Wall, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE16 0JS 01661 852445
hil Hilltop Garden Brian Emerson, Woodville, Stour Provost, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 5LY 01747 838512
jag P. de Jager & Sons Ltd Staplehurst Road, Marden, Kent, TN12 9BP 01622 831235
jrg JRG Dahlias Mrs J Gott, 22 Summerville Road, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7DF 015395 62691
king Kings Seeds Monks Farm, Coggeshall Road, Kelvedon, Essex, CO5 9PG 01376 570000
loc Lochend Dahlias 24 Tantallon Road, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML5 2LN 01236 430234/432429
mou Villy Mougard Blomstergaarden, Bjerringholvej 14, DK-8830 Tjele, Denmark 86 65 12 88
pan Paul Panzer Neben dem Kurhaus, werner-Sylton-Strasse 12, 07586 Bad Kostritz, Germany 036605/2659
par J Parker Dutch Bulbs 14 Hadfield Street, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 9FG 061 848 1124/5
pet Peter Haslhofer Peterīs Dahlien, A-4563 Micheldorf,, Thurnham 28, Austria +43 (0) 680 / 200 8331
phe Pheasant Acre Plants 3 Pheasant Walk, Pen-y-fai, Bridgend, CF31 4DU 01656 664 086
rhs Royal Horticultural Society online sales only at www.rhsplants.co.uk/plants
ros Rose Cottage Plants Anne & Jack Barnard, Bay Tree Farm, Epping Green, Essex, CM16 6PU 0845 452 0645
rsid Riverside Bulbs The Flints, 1&2 Brent Eleigh Road, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, IP77JG 01449.741551
sut Suttons Seeds Woodview Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 7NG 01803 696366
tam Thompson & Morgan Poplar Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3BU 01473 688821
turc Ernest Turc BP 70315, F-49003 ANGERS CEDEX 01, France (33) (0) 2 41 66 01 01
wei C S Weijers & Zonen B.V. Leidsestraat 100, NL - 2182 DR Hillegom, The Netherlands +31 (0) 252 516 541 / 515 363
wir Dahlien-Kultur DI. Gerhard Wirth 1180 Wien, Leschetitzkygasse 11, Austria +43 / 1 / 479 53 83
wit Withypitts Dahlias Grove Lodge Paddockhurst Road, Turners Hill, West Sussex, RH10 4SF 01342 714 106
woo Woolmans Plants Gazeley Road,, Kentford, Suffolk, CB8 7QB 0333 003 1671


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