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by Dave Bates

In 1904 when the guide was published, the number of dahlia types known was less than today.

SINGLE DAHLIAS - Flower perfectly circular, consisting of a single ring of 8 florets surrounding the central yellow disc; the florets broad and flat, overlapping each other, rounded and slightly recurving at the tips.  Plants ranging from 9ins to 5ft in height

POMPON DAHLIAS - Flower very small but similar in form to that of the Show dahlia of which the pompon is practically the miniature form. The fancy varieties of Pompon dahlias are not sufficiently numerous to form a separate section. Plants generally of compact bushy habit, ranging from 2 to 4 feet in height and extremely floriferous, with stiff stemmed flowers carried well above the foliage, so that the Pompon dahlias are admirably adapted for making a colourful display in the garden.

CACTUS DAHLIAS -General outline of flower circular, but each floret long, narrow, pointed, not at all quilled or fluted, but on the contrary, reflexed at the edges. The flower should be high in the centre - flat flowers (generally formed of broad, flat florets) being undesirable as losing the lightness and grace which should characterise the appearance of flowers in this section. Plants ranging from 2.5 to 6 feet in height

SHOW DAHLIAS - Flower very large, quite circular in outline, forming almost a perfect ball, each of the florets (commonly mis-called petals) quilled; colour self (ie uniform throughout), or shading from a paler ground colour to a deeper tint at the tips of the florets. Plants ranging from 2.5 to 5 feet in height.

FANCY DAHLIAS - Flower similar in size and form to the Show dahlia, from which it only differs in colour arrangement. A fancy dahlia may be either tipped or striped or both. In a tipped dahlia, each floret has a clearly defined tip of a paler shade (generally white) than the ground colour of the flower. In a striped dahlia, each floret is flaked or striped longitudinally with some shade or shades deeper than the ground colour of the flower. The more even and regular the markings throughout the flower, the better. Some varieties of fancy dahlias will at times throw self flowers- ie without either tips or stripes; such flowers may be exhibited as Show dahlias. Plant ranging from 2 to 4 feet in height.


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